I am a year 5 teacher working in 10+ primary school in Leicestershire. I began this blog last year when I began the Primary Maths Specialist course (MaST). I began the blog as a way of reflecting on what I was learning and how this was impacting on my teaching. I also hoped that it would be a way of sharing my experiences with others doing the course in other parts of the country.

My blogging tends to be erratic to put it mildly as I often don’t seem to have anything to say. I have decided this year to try and post something every week (a post every day seemed far too ambitious).


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Well done – let me humbly encourage you – I also know the challenge of blogging every week, even if there doesn’t seem to be much to say.
    You’ve got a good portfolio of posts under your belt now to build on. Keep writing!

  2. As a teacher you tend to experience both amazing highs and terrible lows, and plenty of things in between. The problem is – do you have the time, energy or incentive to write about them? And how revealing do you choose to be about yourself and your work? I wish all teachers could be bloggers and share between themselves and the world in general.

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