Sundays in bed with …………The Improbability of Love

Sundays in bed with is a meme hosted by Midnight Book Girl but I came across it recently on Jill’s Book Blog. It is simply a chance to share the book that is by your bed at the moment (or that you wish was by your bed).

This week, the book by my bed is The Improbability of Love by Hannah Rothschild.

Blurb: When lovelorn Annie McDee stumbles across a dirty painting in a junk shop while looking for a present for an unsuitable man, she has no idea what she has discovered. Soon she finds herself drawn unwillingly into the tumultuous London art world, populated by exiled Russian oligarchs, avaricious Sheikas, desperate auctioneers and unscrupulous dealers, all scheming to get their hands on her painting – a lost eighteenth-century masterpiece called ‘The Improbability of Love’. Delving into the painting’s past, Annie will uncover not just an illustrious list of former owners, but some of the darkest secrets of European history – and in doing so she might just learn to open up to the possibility of falling in love again.

The idea of this really appealed to me. After all, who doesn’t want to find a lost masterpiece in an antique shop? However, it hasn’t held my attention as much as I expected. It seems to be falling into that group of books that I class as interesting rather than gripping. It’s very easy to put down which is never a good sign.

I like the main character Annie, and I love the details about the painting and the preservation of old paintings but I think that there are just too many threads and different characters especially for a Saturday night read.

I am interested to see how it all ends up especially the thread that links the painting to art work looted by the Nazis.

Author: JdV

Assistant Head of a large primary school south of Leicester. Currently teaching my final year as I count down to retirement

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