Daily pictures in March

March was quite a difficult month to try and take a photo everyday. I’m not sure why especially since it seemed to be getting easier in February. Part of the difficulty was due to workload and not really having anything noticeable to take photos of. School exercise books aren’t especially photogenic although they do feature on a couple of photos.

I have found that I have been noticing the light a lot more. I can really see why the impressionists such as Monet loved to paint the same subject at different times. The light makes such a lot of difference. A lot of my photos feature sunlight and reflections.

Here are some of my favourites from last month. The whole collection is on Flickr


Anyone who does look at the whole month will notice that I am a photo short. I know that I did take at least one photograph everyday but Mar 15th seems to have disappeared completely.

Mar 11th
Cobweb on the school gate at 7:15am
Mar 28th Watermead Park
Clouds through branches at Watermead Park

Hidden Swing

I love this photo of my children’s old swing seen through the trees at the bottom of the garden.

Mar 19th

This is my saddest picture of the year so far. It’s the last picture of our beautiful tabby cat Charlie. She was 14 and died later that morning. It was two weeks ago but I still expect to see her everyday.


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