A day off for a good cause


Primary school should be about more than sats and stats! After History day last month, Friday was our annual charity day. Every year in March, we devote a Friday morning to raising money for charity. When it is Red Nose Day, that is our good cause. In the alternate years, we raise money for the school’s chosen charities.

The morning begins with a talent show assembly. Each class holds auditions during the week and the best acts get to appear on stage (for a small fee). The acts range from foundation stage singing en masse, jokes (funny and not so funny, strange, surreal sketches to singing and dance acts.

After that, the juniors go out and strip their classrooms of tables and chairs and turn the playgrounds into a giant bring and buy sale. It is all entirely their own work. All the teachers have to do is provide sellotape and prayers for a day that is dry and not too windy.


We had a huge variety of stalls and competitions this year. As well as the usual cakes for sale and guessing the number of sweets in jar, we had a hula hoop competition and a wet sponge throwing stall.


Foundation stage and the infants come to spend their money and the teachers stock up on books and wet play games as well as break any diet intentions by buying too many cakes.

This year the sun came out and we had a fantastic morning. I was impressed both by the ingenuity of some of the stalls as well as the generosity of many of our parents who had donated contents of stalls, prizes or helped their children to bake cakes.

This year, we raised a record amount of £875 which I think is £100 more than last year. That is almost of secondary importance though to the other things that the children get out of the morning. A morning free from Maths and English being just a tiny part of the benefits.


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