Maths Recall

This was originally begun as a Maths Blog when I had to keep a reflective journal as part of my MaST course several years ago so I decided that it was more than time for another Maths post.

One of the problems with Maths especially for Year 6, is helping your pupils keep all the plates spinning in the air at the same time. I have found my daily 5 a day practice to be really useful in keeping concepts and methods fresh in pupils’ minds as you are teaching them something different
See blog post here

Another idea which I spotted today on Twitter was this

march 2016

This was from the excellent JustMaths (@just_maths ) and is to provide a bit of maths for Year 11 pupils everyday as they prepare for their exams. I am a great believer in not reinventing the wheel and so am going to create my own version of it for my Year 6 class to use in the Easter holidays. Hopefully the idea of doing just one Maths question a day won’t be too offputting and will help to keep methods fresh over the short break. It is interesting that I could easily use some of the same questions shown above which is indicative of how much more is being asked of our Year pupils this year.

I will post the Year 6 holiday version here when I have created it.


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