29 Days of Writing

2016-02-28 18.27.12

So that’s it then. Day 29 has arrived and I have managed to post something everyday!

It has been a bit of a struggle on occasion. The evenings where I had parents evenings and didn’t really want to come home and have to spend time writing even for a short time were difficult. It hasn’t been easy to find things to write about either although there was always inspiration to be found by reading other people’s entries in @Staffrm. Most of my burblings have disappeared without trace although a couple have obviously resonated with people on Twitter and been retweeted which was nice. I wasn’t looking for an audience but it is rewarding when you get a response that tells you that some one else feels the same way.

I have enjoyed doing the challenge just for the discipline of getting myself to write every day. I used to write all the while when I was younger but now the only writing I seem to do is in pupils’ books. It has been good to organise my thoughts and set them down in a semi-coherent manner.

Doing the challenge has also introduced me to a whole range of other people whose writing I have enjoyed over the past month. I have particularly enjoyed reading posts by @chrischivers, @JulesDaulby, @thatboycanteach and @rondelle10_b to name but a few. There were lots of other individual entries that I enjoyed reading and commenting on.

I am glad that the 29 days is over but will definitely try to write more often than I had been doing. Maybe I will manage the one a week challenge beginning in March. Watch this space!

2016-02-28 18.30.06


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