My Ideal Weekend

feb 13th.jpg
Saturday meal by candlelight

It’s the last weekend of the half term so I’m trying to make the most of it. Sadly, the weather has curtailed one of my intended activities which was to spend time the garden so instead, I will put the time to good use by writing todays entry for 29 days of writing.

My ideal weekend would be one where I didn’t have to do any school work so it would be at the start or the middle of a school holiday. It’s not that I mind doing work for school. I often spend time thinking of lesson ideas and tweaking plans but it’s nicer when you don’t have to.

The sun would obviously be shining on my ideal weekend and I would spend the first few minutes looking at the trees out of my bedroom window as the branches move in the breeze. It’s a lovely, lazy way to start the day.

My ideal weekend would also involve my husband not working either so that we can spend some together. That might be going for a walk or pottering about in the garden. The main thing would be that we would be doing something together.

We love to go out at the weekend and often go to the cinema or theatre. However my ideal weekend would be one where we spend the evening at home together. I cook a meal and we have a bottle of wine (or I get lazy and splash out on M and S 2 for £10 meal deal). We light candles and have a romantic dinner at home.

An ideal Sunday would be one when I saw one or both of my children. As they live at opposite ends of the country, I don’t see them very often but weekends that we do spend together are always special.

Sunday evening would be spent relaxing in front of the TV with a glass of wine and a purring tabby cat on my knee.

2016-01-26 19.36.48.jpg
Cat Selfie

I would end my weekend feeling relaxed and ready for whatever the week to come has to offer.

That’s my perfect weekend. What’s yours?


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