Teacher 5 a day Sketch

I have always wanted to be able to draw. For years, I have stood and watched street artists with envy as they recreate the scene in front of them with skill. Over the past couple of years I have actually tried to do something about it by buying sketch books, pencils and even a water colour set. Each holiday I try to spend some time drawing and trying to improve my very basic skill level. I have also acquired an impressive collection of ‘How to draw’ books which I love to look through. It’s a bit like the people who buy cookery books to look at but very rarely cook anything.


During the last half term (Oct 15) I stumbled across teacher5adaysketch on Twitter. For a couple of days I just enjoyed looking at the different sketches. There was a huge range of styles and content. On the final day, I plucked up the courage to draw something and put it up on Twitter. To my surprise, my very basic sketch of Winnie the Pooh got some nice comments which encouraged me to try again this half term.

I have managed to create something for all of @JennaLucas81 different suggestions and I have loved feeling part of a community who are all taking part in something together. People have shared ideas and comments and I have done the same. I have ‘met’ a whole new set of twitter friends and been encouraged to work on my skills. I have especially enjoyed seeing the range of pictures produced.

Sketch of a favourite book or film

Today’s challenge was to produce a sketch using a tablet or computer. This made me actually download a drawing app for my ipad which was one of those things that I always meant to do but never actually got around to doing. It has been fun exploring what I can do with it and I fully intend to spend more time exploring its possibilities.

2016-02-19 15.58.49

I have loved taking part in this half term’s challenge. Thank you to Jenna for providing the inspiration and to all my fellow artists for their feedback and encouragement.



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