Kandinsky in the classroom

This is directly linked to @JennaLucas81 #teacher5adaysketch challenge for this half term. Today’s challenge is to post a piece of artwork with an idea for using it in the classroom.


I love using Kandinsky with my class but especially his composition paintings and my favourite is probably the one above.

Kandinsky is a brilliant artist to use to inspire children. As the first really abstract painter, he is a great introduction to the meaning of the word abstract. I love the moment when the children take on board the idea that a painting doesn’t have to be of a ‘thing’. All those children who tell me that they can’t draw people, dogs, dragons or whatever the task is suddenly find that they can create a piece of art work that is made up of shapes, lines and colours.

We have reproduced the painting in different ways depending on time and the age of the children. I have just used coloured paper shapes and pen outlines on coloured paper which is very simple. We have created sponge printed pastel backgrounds and put the shapes on top of them which looks really effective. My favourite way is to just get them to design and paint their own though. This is great for teaching control of a paintbrush as the shapes need to be painted carefully to keep their geometric properties. There are lots of other ideas of how to use Kandinsky in Art resource books too.

Using the word ‘abstract’ and looking at its meaning links nicely into the English curriculum and looking at abstract nouns.

I have also used it successfully in Maths lessons where we have found examples of perpendicular and parallel lines, identified shapes and measured angles.


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