Halfway Through 29 days

It’s the 16th February and I have posted everyday for over two weeks. That’s fairly amazing. When I saw the challenge, I dismissed it as simply not being something that I could do. But then I posted on 1st February anyway. Then it seemed like a good idea to write something on the next day. Then I thought I would try to get a week’s worth of posts and two weeks later I’m still here:-)

I’m not writing about anything in particular. It’s a sort of diary (I kept a real one for years when I was younger). Mostly my posts have been connected to #teacher5aday. The major exception was on Saturday when I posted about the writing standards.

The supportive response to that post was amazing.

I have enjoyed reading other posts and the sheer randomness of what I have read is great. I have read posts that have told me about people, about classroom practice and educational theory and people’s interests. It’s been mildly annoying that I can’t log in to @staffrm so I can’t comment on posts as I would like to. However I will continue to read and send comments via twitter as I do so.

I am feeling quite pleased with my achievements so far this year and writing every day for 16 days is part of that, not to mention having done my second sketch for #teacher5adaysketch. Now onto the next 13 days of writing and 3 days of drawing.




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