But why?

We had our second parent’s evenings this week where we look at how our Year 6s are doing and whether or not they are on track to do well in May. This year it has been really hard explaining that we think they are on track but can’t be certain because we don’t really know how much they have got to do to get a reasonable score in the various tests.

Showing parents the sample Arithmetic and Grammar tests really brought home to them just how much is being demanded of their children. Most were surprised, some were horrified.  The general question though was “But why have they got to do all of this?”

And I didn’t really have an answer. General waffle along the lines of “The government feel that our children are underperforming against the rest of the world” didn’t really seem to make the parents feel any happier. Not surprising really.

Levels were scrapped because the government said that people didn’t understand them. Well, I would like to point out that absolutely nobody seems to have any idea about what is happening this year.

The situation is totally unfair on the pupils who are having unrealistic demands being made of them, on the teachers who are stressing out over trying to get children across a finish line that keeps moving and on schools who are in danger of failing through no fault of their own.

Rant over ………for now.


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