Unintended Consequences

Today is Shrove Tuesday. It’s a day when you are supposed to eat well as you eat up all the rich food, butter etc that you aren’t going to be allowed to eat during Lent. However I ended up fasting (or very nearly)

Yesterday was Parents Evening with a fairly late finish so I was obviously tired last night. So tired in fact, that I forgot to set my alarm.

The result of that was that I woke up to see the sun shining through the curtains. That might be OK in June but certainly not in February. The alarm clock informed me that it was 8:28!

I was quite pleased by the fact that I walked into my classroom at 8:48 (after abandoning my car in the car park as there were no spaces left). There are advantages to only living 2 miles away from school. The main consequence was that I had had no breakfast and only water and a banana to see me through the day. Luckily there was a birthday today and some kind person had left pain au chocolates in the staffroom .

So it was a sort of fast day which I’m sure will be good for me but I don’t intend to repeat in the near future.


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