Are you a hoarder?

Teaching has got to be the worst job for someone who finds it hard to throw things away. I find it really hard to clear things out. I’m the one in our show cast who actually has genuine 80’s clothes in their wardrobe all ready to wear in The Full Monty. Being a teacher just makes things worse. I can’t throw something away because ‘it might be useful’.

Quite often I am right. I spent time on Boxing Day unpicking the ribbons from the crackers to take into school so that they can be used by the children for their Mother’s Day cards. I also save the ribbons that come stitched onto the shoulders of new clothes for the same purpose. How sad is that?

I still have my original copies of the NLS and NNS as well as all of the supporting booklets that came out. And as for my collection of Belair display books…………..

At some point, I need to get to grips with my stuff and minimise it. When I moved classrooms a couple of years ago, it took me the whole Summer holiday. As retirement gets closer, I really need to start to begin to get rid of my accumulated hoardings. I hate to throw things away but will have to grit my teeth and get on with it.


One thought on “Are you a hoarder?

  1. My mum was an art teacher and art therapist, who worked with SEN and ASD children. She was also a serious hoarder and wouldn’t throw anything away for the 50 years she occupied our family home.
    It broke my heart when clearing out her house to see an entire room filled from floor to ceiling with portfolios stacked full of carefully preserved and annotated children’s drawings from the 1980s and early 1990s

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