10 Great things about being a teacher


This post is inspired by Midsomer Murders, strange as that may seem. However anyone who saw this week’s episode of death in a sculpture park will also have seen Inspector Barnaby trying to think of 10 good things about being a policeman. His colleagues both came up with the same idea – that every day brings a new challenge and I thought that how that is true of teaching too. So I decided that as I do love my job, I ought to be able to come up with 10 things that are good about it.

  1. Everyday is different. No two lessons ever go exactly the same. The pupils are constantly changing and growing while in your care. You can have a really bad day but the next day can be completely different.
  2. Making a difference. I know that I do make a difference to children’s lives. Over the year that they are in my class, some children make amazing progress. Or I might be able to introduce them to a new topic which they love or an author they have never met. I love seeing my pupils grow and develop in skills and confidence
  3. Children are cheerful. Monday mornings on the playground when it’s dark and cold are not inspiring but the children run through the gate and the vast majority of them are pleased and happy to be there. How can you be fed up when you are smiled at and greeted by a constant stream of children who want to tell you what has happened since last week?
  4. Colleagues. I work in a happy school and my colleagues are fantastic. Yes, we moan and grumble but only in general terms about workload or difficult classes. Generally we are a cheerful lot who get on with our work and everyone is always ready to lend a helping hand when needed.
  5. Being able to learn new things. I am constantly learning in my job. Teaching some very able Year 6’s means that I have to stay on top of my subject knowledge and be ready to find out the answers to questions that they come up with.
  6. Being able to indulge my own interests. I love to sing and perform and it is lovely to be involved with the choir and conduct their performances. Class productions are always nerve wracking but lead to a huge sense of achievement when they come off.
  7. Changing classes. Some classes can be very hard work. Individual children can make your lives difficult but unless you are in a small school, you only have them for a year. Then in September you can begin again with a whole new group.
  8. Being creative. What other jobs allow you to decorate your work space as you choose? Why do I need colouring books when I have a display to create? I draw pictures to illustrate things, make cards as demo models and generally indulge my inner artist at least once a month.
  9. Having pretty stationery. Being a teacher gives you a cast iron excuse to visit stationery shops at every opportunity. And there seem to be so many now:-)
  10. A six week Summer holiday. I love having that time to relax and catch up with my life. I do spend quite a lot of it in school but that is my choice. I do it because I actually like my classroom and I enjoy preparing resources and lessons when I am under no pressure. The main thing though is going away, being able to visit places and having the time to catch up with friends and family.

I thought this might be quite difficult but it has been really easy and I can think of a couple more points.

What do you enjoy about being a teacher?


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