Me Time


29 days of writing is going well. This is the fourth day and I’m still here:-)

@rondelle10_b posted ideas for 29 days of writing here and I am going to use today’s as I think that it is important.

How do I make time for myself when I am busy?

It’s really hard. Teaching is a wonderful job but it can easily take over your life if you aren’t careful. I always seem to be rushed off my feet at work and sometimes end up going in earlier and earlier just to get things done. To keep time for myself, I have some rules.

I don’t work after 8 o clock in the evening. No matter how much I have to do. By then I have done more than enough hours and my brain won’t think straight. Even if I did work, I don’t think that I would be very productive. That’s my time to switch off and read or watch TV.

I also don’t work on Friday or Sunday evenings. Those times are for me and my husband to spend together. We both work long hours and celebrating the weekend by having time together on Friday and getting ready for the week to come by having a relaxed Sunday evening is important.

Commitments help as well. I belong to a musical group and rehearse every Weds night. If I don’t go, then I let the other people in the society down. That is a big incentive when I still have a pile of marking to do and feel that I should stay in rather than go and sing. I think that if you have an activity that involves other people, then you are far more likely to stick to it

I will be interested to read other people’s strategies for making time for themselves.


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