Noticing and photographing

I decided that trying to notice things more and to record that in a photo a day was something that I wanted to do this year. It seemed like a lovely idea at the end of December when I was on holiday. The reality of trying to find something to photograph every day when you go to work and come again in the dark was a little bit different. The cat came in very useful on two days (but she always looks very cute especially when she’s asleep).

2015-12-14 22.54.16.jpg

I did enjoy the sense of achievement as my January album on Flickr grew. I know that the photographs aren’t anything special but they are all things that I noticed, made me feel good or just enjoyed on that day. I loved the sunrises (we had some lovely mornings in January) and the frost and snow pictures were fun too.

17th Jan Snow on Sunday

The challenge of finding something to photograph every day has been an incentive to go out for more walks than I might have done. I have even taken 15 minutes at lunch time on a couple of days.

I’m looking forward to recording the next 11 months. I wonder if I will keep it up?


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