The joy of facts and figures


In my classroom just before lunch:
Pupil – What are we doing this afternoon/
Me – Geography
Pupil (pulling a face) – I hate Geography!
Me – What? All of it?
Pupil – Well not all of it but I don’t ever really enjoy it.

This afternoon’s lesson was one purely designed to tick the New Curriculum Geography box of knowledge of places. We were using the atlases to identify continents, oceans and pretty much all points in between. I have never known a child who didn’t love looking through an atlas and finding places as well as learning all those fascinating facts and figures.

Today was no exception. We completed maps with names of continents, oceans, countries and cities. We found out all sorts of numerical facts – I lost count of how many times I was told the population of China (tick the box for reading and understanding large numbers) and had a great time seeing who could find places from the index first.

At the end of the lesson the same pupil came up to me and announced that that had been the best lesson so far this year. And she doesn’t hate Geography any more:-)

The joy of teaching is alive and well tonight.


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