Teacher 5 a day

I read all about this last year and have followed the different threads that have appeared on Twitter throughout the year. I have sort of tried to do some of the things suggested as I do feel that the ideas behind them are important. This year, I want to make a real effort and continue some of the things that I have begun already. There is a quite a bit of overlap between this post and yesterday’s #nurture1516 blogpost but I guess that means that the things are important and may actually get done.

  1. Reach out – I talked about this in my Nurture1516 post yesterday. I want to make sure that I reach out to the people in my department, go in and say Hello, check that things are OK etc. I also want to make sure that I don’t neglect my family. I need to stay in touch with my children and make time for my husband and parents.
  2. Exercise – Always have this on my New year’s resolution list. The aim is to do at least 3 bits of exercise a week, even if it’s only going out for a walk at lunchtime when I have ppa
  3. Take Notice – I want to start trying to photograph something everyday. I have set up a Flickr account and have made a start. We will see how it goes.
  4. Learn – I don’t think that this ever stops but I have stopped blogging about what I have done. I need to make sure that I do keep learning and practising new skills and also to post about what I have done. I also want to really and try and improve my drawing skills and not just read books about how to draw.
  5. Volunteer – This one is hard as my time is already so squeezed. I will run a gymnastics club at school this coming term which will hopefully appeal to some children who don’t normally take part in Games clubs.

I think that it is vital for teachers to be aware of themselves as other people and not just teachers. It is only a job but it can be all consuming and stop us being the other people that we need to be.


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