En francais s’il vous plait

I stunned my year 5 class yesterday afternoon by greeting them in french and telling them that we were going to be speaking french that afternoon. You could see the thoughts going through their heads: It’s Friday and the paint pots are out so why is she gibbering at us in french?

We are current looking at the art of Kandinsky who is one of my favourite artists but while I was looking for some other french resources, I stumbled across the CILT training videos. http://www.primarylanguages.org.uk/training_zone/media_library.aspx?criteria=19

They are brilliant resource showing teachers delivering french across the curriculum and there were two videos where the teacher was looking at Kandinsky. I watched the first one carefully and decided that it was within my limited french speaking capability  so I decided to give it a go.

It was a slower process than on the video, my children don’t have the french skills that those children did but they did eventually get the hang of it and felt proud of being able to translate ‘real’ french sentences.

French is one of the those subjects that is very easily squeezed out of the curriculum and I know that some schools who were teaching it, have now dropped it. We are still teaching it at the moment but it is hard to fit in. I have decided that I am going to try and deliver part of one lesson a week in french, even if only for 5 minutes or so. Hopefully this will provide a bit more exposure to the language for my pupils. I am lucky in that my husband is fairly fluent and so if the videos don’t fit then I can call on him for help.

The next lesson is going to be the water cycle!


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