I heard a lot about this last term on Twitter and so this year I decided to be brave and sign my class up to be part of a quad. If you don’t know what on earth I’m talking about then have a look at this site http://quadblogging.net/

Quadblogging is the brainchild of David Mitchell and the aim is to get the children really involved in blogging and have a real audience for their work. The intention is that for one week, one blog is the focus for the other three schools. They will read and comment giving the children real feedback on what they have posted. I was really excited when I saw that we had been put in a quad with 3 other schools and couldn’t wait to tell the children.

I sent messages to the other schools but so far have only heard back from one. The school which is coordinating our blog is in New Zealand and we think that they are probably still on holiday (lucky them!). We have looked at the blog of 6SB at Gorseybank and posted a couple of comments and hope that they will do the same.  Hopefully our quad will soon be up and running properly and I’m really hoping that it generates some enthusiasm in more of my children.

If anyone wants to read our classblog then we are at http://5jdevoil.wordpress.com

If you do visit us, then please leave a comment to say what you think about our work.


2 thoughts on “Quadblogging

  1. Australian students go back to school next week after our long summer holiday; I expect it is similar in NZ.
    This sounds like a great idea for getting students involved in blogging with a purpose! I hope it goes well for you and your class.

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