The Final meeting

Thursday was our final network meeting for our MaST group. It doesn’t seem like 2 years ago since we all met together without any clear idea of where we were going and what it would involve. Now, 2 years, 2 residentials and 3 assignments later, we have reached the final session.

This was a showcase session where each of us gave a short presentation on our whole school projects. 3 hours seemed like plenty of time for the 10 of us to talk but when I had to leave at just after 5, the session was still going!

The presentations really made me realise again how lucky that I have been to have taken part in this initiative. Listening to my colleagues talk about their work in schools and their achievements was inspiring. The range of research carried out was impressive and yet it was interesting how the same issues came up in several presentations. Fractions, talk in maths and girl’s underachievement were common issues in several pieces of work.

I am really sad that the course has finished. I shall miss the stimulation that I have received although I am enjoying having my weekends to myself again. I will try to keep up with research issues but I will miss having access to books and papers through the university library. What I will miss most though is the chance to talk and discuss with fellow teachers. Courses and training seem to have died away completely now. I feel that I am incredibly lucky to have received so much training and input during my career and am very aware that newer entrants to teaching will not have this input.

Good Luck to everyone who is currently doing MaST and I hope that you get as much out of it as I have.


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