The end is in sight!

As MaST draws to a close for my cohort, this blog will no longer have a real purpose. It was begun as an online reflection of what I had learned and how the course had changed my ideas. It has certainly fulfilled that and I have found it useful to articulate my ideas in this way and to share what we have done.

I only have to finish my assignment (not a huge task then!) and have two more meetings and it will all be over. All I have to do then is to try and work on what I have learned and pass that on to the teachers in my school and elsewhere. It has been a tiring but worthwhile journey and I hope that I can use it as fully as possible.

Our cohort was the first one to do the Primary Maths Specialist course and in many ways we have been guinea pigs as the course leaders have been trying out different things. I certainly know that the second cohort in my area are doing things slightly differently as a result of our experience.

I have had positive comments about the blog, both online and in person when I have met people who have come across it. Thank you for those and I hope that some of my ramblings prove useful to anyone who is setting out on their MaST journey at the moment.

I don’t intend to stop posting though, it’s too useful a tool for that but the focus will become more general rather than being primarily about maths teaching.



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