Final University Meeting

It seems ages since I first had to drive up to NTU after school for a MaST session but we are now nearly at the end and last night was the final meeting with the university tutors.

In a way, it seemed a bit of an anti climax as the session didn’t seem to be as lively or as interesting as many of the previous ones. The subject of the session was Generality, the fifth of the courses Big Ideas. I think the problem with it was that there didn’t seem to be anything new. There was some interesting discussion on recent research into children’s understanding of the = symbol but most of the material seemed to be going over ground that we had covered in previous sessions.

It seemed a pity as some of the previous meetings had  been full of useful ideas and a lot of people sharing their thoughts and opinions and it would have felt more satisfying if the final meeting had been one of those sessions.

I shan’t miss the 30 mile drive up the M1  in the rush hour, or the drive back at after 9 o clock but I will miss the input of the tutors and the availability of materials through the university. Reading research into classroom practice has been both interesting and thought provoking. I would like to think that I will carry on reflecting on my own classroom practice but it will be harder without having the direction of people who are far more expert in this field than I will ever be.

We now just have 2 more local network meetings and the course will be at an end so we are definitely on the home straight now.


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