Starting over again.

Disaster has struck! This week we had a burglary during which both my laptop and handbag containing memory stick were stolen. The impact of what I have lost is still sinking in.

My laptop contained all my school resources as well as all my photographs plus of course, all the materials, resources and work for MaST! I had tried to be sensible and back up the most important things but unusually my memory stick was in my handbag and so was taken as well as the computer.

I can’t begin to think about how much work I have lost. All the resources and plans that I created over the summer have gone and the thousands of resources that I had collected over the past few years. On Friday alone I said 3 times “Oh, I’ve got something for that” only to remember that I haven’t any longer.

The real problem is my assignment. In 3 weeks I have to submit a 5000 research project. I have spent countless hours on it already and now have nothing to show for it. I ought to be trying to redo it at this moment but I’m putting off the evil moment for as long as possible as I’m not sure that I can face doing all that work again.

I have emailed my tutor but she is away so have no idea if I can get any sort of extension or not so I need to make a start but keep putting it off.

I know that in the grand scheme of things we have got off quite lightly as there was no damage and apart from electronic photos and my work, we haven’t lost anything that can’t be replaced. However I have got to cope with no longer having my huge resource bank and have got to get to grips with rewriting assignment asap.

So I need to exercise some self discipline, stop wasting time online and do some real work.

I may not post again for a while!


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