MaST Final Assignment

This is probably the first of many posts as I work my way through Assignment 3.

The assignment is 5000 words on the subject of using concrete apparatus more in kS2. I have done lots of reading and have a couple of other things still to read. I have got my classroom research examples and although I haven’t got much, I’m not too worried by that as I have the first 3 weeks of term if I need any more material.

So today I actually made a proper start on the assignment itself.

We have been given guidance on how to split up the 5ooo words into different sections. The first section is supposed to be the introduction and background, why I chose it, how it fits with school priorities etc and what the expected impact will be. We have been given 500 words for that and for the first time ever, I was well over the limit. I know I’m guilty of telling the story too much but in this instance I can ‘t see how to cut it down very much as it is mainly factual.

The second section is even harder to organise. It is supposed to be 750 words on the rationale for my research methods, the ethics that I have used and including the literature I have read. I have written 500 words already and only covered half of it. Again, I know I’m guilty of telling the story but I can’t see how to make it coherent without that level of detail. What I’m not sure of is how closely I need to stick to the recommended word count for each section.

My plan at the moment is just to write everything down and then to prune, move about and cut as necessary. I’m not sure how it’s going to work but at least I have done something to make a start.


2 thoughts on “MaST Final Assignment

  1. Chris Clarke (duckiec)

    Well done for getting started! I think that’s the hardest part. Your strategy of writing it all and then slimming down is one that I have used in the past, usually effectively – although tutors always seem to suggest that I should have mentioned..xxxxx…and that was what I’d cut out!

    Good luck

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