Making maths more interesting part 2

i was sent into a state of near panic when I received the email that TeachersTV would not be available after 29th April. I have never really bothered downloading the videos, just watched them as I needed. However being given a final cut off date spurred me on to actually find and download the ones that I needed.

I was absolutely amazed by the sheer amount of stuff that is on the site. I have used the outstanding lessons to help my teaching and the murder mystery video was the subject of my previous post on this subject but there is so much more.

I kept getting sidetracked by the suggestions of “you might also be interested in……..” One of these suggestions was a set of four videos on teaching algebra and good starting points. As algebra is going to feature heavily in this year’s MaST course I felt that it would be a good idea to investigate. The series consists of two lesson starters involving pattern and formulas as well as the handshake lesson. I have downloaded them and will now think about where I can incorporate them into my planning for next term to try and liven up my teaching a bit.

I was also inspired by a colleague on my MaST network who has done lots of work on using picture books in maths lessons. She bought a selection along to our last network meeting and I instantly fell for them. I have been on to Amazon and bought How big is a million (Usborne picture books) which will fit into our space topic next term (well sort of) and Anna’s mysterious multiplying jar. I will use these with my children and see how they go down.

It isn’t that I think my lessons are boring but that I want to try and make it as accessible as possible for all of my children. They all love watching videos and looking at picture books so this may capture the interest of some children who don’t think that Maths is for them.


4 thoughts on “Making maths more interesting part 2

  1. Jan Pringle

    Have you seen ‘The Rabbit Problem’ by Emily Gravett? Lovely book which uses the Fibonacci sequence. Used it with my class as a starting point for some investigation and they loved it (year 5).

    1. Thanks for the reminder! That was another one we were shown and I had forgotten about it. The other one I want is the one about a grain of rice and how that muliplies but I can’t remember the title.

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