Holiday Tasks

Well, I signed up to postaweek but have obviously failed 😦

This is my first post for over a week and the last one was just a slide show rather than anything deep and meaningful. Not that I am claiming that this blog is ever deep and meaningful, it’s mainly just me thinking aloud.

However as it is holiday time, I will have more time to try and get things back on track. So my first task is to try and work out what I actually need to do in the next two weeks.

Firstly there are the obvious things like catch up on sleep and tidy the house. However I do need to get my MaST work sorted. The new module started in February and we have had 4 meetings but my independent work has so far amounted to Zero!

Well, that’ s not strictly true. I have submitted a proposal for my assignment. At some point it will be returned and I will actually have to do some work on it. However I need to look at what I can be doing out of the classroom.

I need to look at my Professional Learning Log first of all. They are being looked at in June and I really need to have some work in it by then! I never actually got round to filling in the sheet for the end of Module 1 so that might be worth doing. I also need to go over my notes from the 4 meetings that we have had so far and see what I need to do in the classroom.

I need to read more. I need to research my assignment and find things that I can quote or that might help me as I carry out my research. I also need to read more around the subject generally. I haven’t really read anything since I read ‘What’s the point of school?’ in January. I have bought the latest edition of  Issues in teaching Numeracy which is actually a collection of articles and therefore maybe easier to digest than a whole book.

I also really need to get myself organised. I have a student next term which creates possibilities and difficulties. It means that I will have time to talk to children and actually carry out my research. However it does restrict the amount of time that I have to teach and so carry out things that I want to do.

I have also got to do the necessary planning for next term and spend at least half a day in school sorting out my classroom.

And it would be nice to actually spend some time just being on holiday!


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