Making maths more interesting

I feel that I need to liven up some of my maths lessons. I have a very boy heavy group and some of them find it hard to maintain concentration. The murder mystery was great with all of them totally involved and on task for the whole lesson so it might be worth while looking at other video clips that could be used to stimulate maths lesssons. I know that there are starters on Teachers TV but I wonder what else would work? Any suggestions gratefully received.

One of my aims for this year is to get everybody making more use of our fantastic school grounds for maths. I’ve already done some measuring and will do some work on area and perimeter next term. I want to use the parachute as well to do some number bonds work. Physically moving should hopefully really get them thinking about the properties of numbers.

We’re doing ratio later on this week so I have been a bought a pack of mini smarties as an incentive. Last year this lesson worked really well (it’s based on a resource from primary resources) but of course there is no guarantee that it will work as well this time.

I have another HEI session tonight at NTU so it’s going to be a long day 😦


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