Lacking time or motivation?

This week has gone by in a flash. It doesn’t seem 5 minutes since I got home from the residential last week and it’s already Sunday afternoon. I realised with a bit of shock that I still haven’t really done any work for this year’s module of MaST. I’ve attended a network meeting and been to the residential but I haven’t actually done any work of my own. It’s very easy to say that I’ve just been too busy but being totallyhonest, I’m not sure that would be entirely true.

Yes, I have been busy as ever during term time. Also, I’ve been pleased by the interest shown by the children in their class blog and I have been keeping the momentum going by posting their work. Their enthusiasm and delight when their work gets posted is brilliant but it does all take time. All the time spent loading stuff up is time that I could spend on MaST. But I doubt whether I would.

Last year it was all new and we were all inspired and fired up. This year the novelty has worn off to a certain extent and we are all well aware how difficult it is going to be. I still haven’t cracked the issue of reflecting on my observations and until I get that sorted, I’m not really going to be able to go much further. At least I’m not in the position of having to resubmit or redo last year’s assignment and I really feel for those people in that horrible situation. It’s in situations like that when the distance learning thing seems to break down slightly.

I have a network meeting on Tues and maybe that will cast some light on things. Failing that, I think that I will put the whole thing on hold until the Easter holidays when I can really spend some time reading and thinking about what I am going to do and how to get things moving in school.


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