Classroom Research

I’m not sure if that is the right title or not. It might be more appropriate to call it lack of classroom research.

I’m trying to work out what I need to do to be more successful with my MaST work this year. The crucial thing seems to be that I need to be more analytical of my classroom practice and that of other people. A comment on my last assignment was that I needed to analyse in greater depth my observations of children. And as this year’s assignment is a whole school project, I assume that means that I will also need to analyse other people’s observations? It all seems horribly woolly at the moment.

I’m not sure how to approach this or where I’m falling down. Partly I think it is that I don’t always know what questions to actually ask the children when I am talking to them but it’s more that I don’t know where to go once I have their responses.

What does their response tell me about their learning? I’m not always sure that it tells me anything other than they understand (or not) at that particular point.

What are the ways forward for this problem?

Reading may be a possibility. To tryand identify how researchers have analysed children’s responses in the books that I already possess. Or maybe look at general publications on carrying out classroom research. I’m sure that I have a link to one already.

We are already nearly a month into this year’s course and I haven’t actually written up any classroom observations because nothing has really seemed to be significant. I think that I need to start recording things whether they seem to be significant or not, just to give me something to work on.

I’m beginning to feel out of my depth. Hopefully I can work my way through.


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