A Real Teachmeet!

I didn’t sleep well last night and I blame the fact that my head was spinning with so many ideas from yesterday afternoon. This post will include the ones that are most relevant to me as I couldn’t possibly talk about everything so apologies if I don’t mention everybody!

It was a real googlefest with several people talking about how google docs can be used in school and even used as a VLE.

I enjoyed both of Colin Graham’s presentations, one on Cairo tiling patterns and one discussing how tangrams can be used in maths lessons. I will definitely be following up some of the links and doing work on them in my lessons.

Zoe Ross (@ZoeRoss19) did a very hands on presentation about non techy teaching aids. I loved the thinking dice and they link nicely with the ones that Bev has produced at www.communication4all.co.uk. She also made an instant origami book. This is something I have used a lot in the past. I was introduced to them years ago on my PGCE and I think that originally they were the idea of Paul Johnson in his book ‘Books searching for Authors’ which is about 20 years old now. Zoe gave me some new ideas on how to use them.

Jan Webb (@janwebb21) presented on the capabilities of Word 2007 including the bibliography tool and onenote. These are both really powerful tools for anyone doing research and something I need to investigate.

One of my favourite presentations of the afternoon was Nikki Davies on how she used La Sagrada Familia to teach RE. I have been really trying to add interest to my RE lessons this year by using drama and other ways to excite the children and this presentation was really inspiring.

I was amazed by Nicki (kiwiteacheruk) and her account of the fantastic progress that she has made with children’s handwriting. I also loved Ian Harcombe’s year 8 use of Scratch to create animations. The fish and the Whale were brilliant.

I was reminded about the Aviary tools by Kevin (@kvnmcl). I meant to investigate those last year after watching tmbev but it somehow fell off the radar. This year I need to make sure that I look into all the brilliant ideas I have been given.

Emma and Mike deserve a huge vote of thanks for organising and all the presenters for sharing their ideas and expertise. Teachmeets are a brilliant way for teachers ( and non teachers) to come together and the pool of collective knowledge present yesterday was astounding.

It was a brilliant afternoon, not least because I won bottle of wine in the raffle!


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