Getting Excited!

In about an hour, I will be heading off to Lutterworth for my very first actual Teachmeet. I’m feeling nervous as I’ve only actually met two people who will be there in real life. Others are facebook friends but mainly people that I am connected with through Twitter. I’m charging up my phone but otherwise will be very low tech and taking notes by hand. The post code is entered into the sat nav even though I’m fairly sure that I know where it is. I am amazed by how far people are travelling to get to this event. My journey of about 20 minutes is small fry really.

I have looked at the site stats for and am overwhelmed. There have been 70 views since we posted yesterday and several comments. I’ve also had some lovely feedback via twitter. I guess starting a new blog just before half term was not really a good idea. I really want to share the feedback with the children but shan’t see them for over a week. I hope that I can regenerate their enthusiasm when we return.

I am hoping to get some more ideas this afternoon and maybe some technical help. Looking at other class blogs makes me realise how little technical expertise I have. I would love to be able to incorporate elements such as slide shows and video into our blog but don’t really know where to start.

More on Teachmeet tomorrow after the event!


One thought on “Getting Excited!

  1. My first TeachMeet too – really looking forward to it. Blog looks great, slideshows and video are not hard to do but it may depend on what is blocked by the school network. I use YouTube and slideshare both of which embed into WordPress. There are loads of other options, in sure you’ll. Find someone who can help today!

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