The Power of Twitter

This post was inspired by a discussion in the pub last night! Someone asked in a slightly exasperated voice “But what on earth is the point of Twitter?” And that got me thinking.

The best way that I can find to describe my use of Twitter is that it is like an enormous staff room. It’s somewhere that I can comment randomly on the weather, the unreasonableness of having to mark over 100 books in a day etc etc. And exactly as in the real world, people may respond or not. However it’s also an incredible source of ideas and inspiration.

Through Twitter I have been introduced to school web sites, individual and class blogs and an amazing set of people whose collective knowledge seems never ending. There is always someone who knows an answer. I have been inspired to try out new ideas and have a huge backlog of things that I haven’t yet got around to trying yet.

I have also been introduced to Teachmeets. I have managed to follow 2 online and on Saturday I am actually going to my very first one in person.

I am excited about being able to meet some of the people that I follow on Twitter in person and looking forward to gaining a whole new set of ideas.

I only dip my toe into Twitter waters. I follow about 60 people but even that small amount gives me access to so many thoughts and ideas.

As this was designed to be blog mainly about Maths teaching, I thought it would be a good idea to share this link which gives a list of 20 people to follow on Twitter if you are interested in Maths.

I realise that I am probably preaching to the converted but if there is anyone reading this who has not discovered the joys of Twitter yet then maybe you should give it a go.


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