MaST Assignment 3

I got my second assignment back at last week’s uni session and from the comments it seems that there was nothing actually wrong with it (which is why it passed) but it could have been better!

Then we spent the first hour thinking about the next one! Help!

Assignment 3 is a whole school project that needs to be carried out by the end of the summer term and then written up and submitted during October. We have to submit a proposal to our tutors by the end of March, setting out what we are going to do.

My mind immediately went into overdrive. Should I do this? Or that? Or something else completely?

There are so many different things that I could do and I always find it hard to settle on one thing. I want to look at girl’s underachievement, using resources, improving using and applying and using guided group work as well as other things I can’t think of at the moment.

So what is actually achieveable?

I have an hour of inset to deliver straight after half term which I can use to introduce the area that I settle on.

I think that I am going to do something on using a variety of resources to support children’s understanding at all ages and ability levels. We used cuisenaire rods at the meeting which we don’t have in school at present. I could see lots of ways that they could be used and so have bought some to try.

I think my inset session will be to try and get people to think of how they can use resources in different ways as well as to give them ideas of other resources that they might not be using at the moment. Then I’ll see how that goes and take it from there.


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