Maths Murder Mystery

I love Teachers TV and I think that it is a real shame that it is no longer being funded by the government (along with so much else). I have got some fantastic inspiration from some of the videos and they really are a fantastic resource.

A brilliant innovation was Lessons on a Plate. There are only a few but you get a complete lesson with all the resources that you need. One of them is the Murder Mystery. It is a maths lesson aimed at year 6 but my average to able year 5’s coped with it without any problems.

You get a short video which has distinct echoes of Midsomer Murders and the children have to work out who did it by creating and analysing line graphs of the suspect’s pulse rates.

We watched the video twice and then discussed likely culprits. The children were all totally engaged and argured really persuasively for or against certain characters. When it came to actually doing some work, they were keen to begin and didn’t seem to see it as work at all. The buzz in the room was fantastic with all the children constantly on task. They were discussing their graphs as they created them and deciding whether the graph supported their previous ideas.

They did not want to finish when it was time to go into assembly which was definitely a rare event.


12 thoughts on “Maths Murder Mystery

  1. Vicky Cameron

    I reckon I’ll be doing this one after the holidays to fit in with our detective/mystery genre! Thanks for reminding me of it!
    Chatty_teacher 🙂

    1. Have you registered with the site? Once you’ve registered, you just log in and can then download any of the videos in either wmv or quicktime format.

    1. Teacher’s TV has gone since 29/4. There is a replacement site coming with the videos but it isn’t up and running yet. It’s a real shame that it has been cut.

  2. Berni

    hey i used this for an ofsted lesson and now i am moving into my second yr in yr 6 i cant find the video to go with it keeps saying on all the website removed because of copyrights – do you know where i can locate it??

    1. There isn’t an official solution as far as I know but we thought it was clear from the line graphs the children created. I think it was Jackie but can’t remember for certain. My class were very disappointed that there wasn’t a second video showing the police catching the murderer.

  3. Kirsty Wood

    Hi I used this for Ofsted along with a Team Action Challenge to get the children active – it got outstanding!

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