MaST restarts!

It seems ages since we had our final meeting last year but we are about to start Module 2. Quite an intensive start with a network meeting tomorrow morning and then a meeting at the university on Saturday morning. I hope they don’t expect too much to be done in between.

I am looking forward to starting again properly. I had all sorts of good intentions about what I was going to do in the intervening couple of months but it didn’t really come to anything. I need the impetus of the meetings to make me actually do something by a certain date. Otherwise it just gets pushed into the background as there is always something more urgent to be done (or just not having the energy/motivation).

I know that I ‘ve got to do the front page of my log with specific examples to illustrate things that I have done and I really must get that done soon.

I have also not really been keeping up with entries in my teaching diary. I did mean to but I always struggle with deciding what is significant enough to be recorded. I don’t seem to have had any experiences that have seemed worth commenting on in the past couple of months. I think that this is something I need to discuss tomorrow and see if other people feel the same or whether I am missing something (always possible).

Then of course there is the big assignment for this module. We have already had the brief for this and there are sessions timetabled in to look at various aspects of it. This is the part that I know I really have to improve on. How I managed to pass the last one is a mystery but the mark indicates that it was a close run thing. I would really like to make a better job of this year’s and not end up being so stressed by it.

So I’m going into module 2 full of hope and good intentions. Let’s see how long I can keep it up!


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