Year one nearly completed

We had our final network meeting this week which was a review of the year so far. It was interesting discussing which parts of the course had influenced us most. My initial reaction is still that Representation has had the biggest single impact on my teaching. I am far more aware of how I need to support my children with concrete activities and images than I was at the beginning. The discussion made us all think about how interconnected all the main areas are though.

A general consensus seemed to be that Mathematical Thinking was possibly the most important of the 5 big ideas as all the others really support it.

Of course, we had at least 5 minutes (or longer) grumbling about the assignment. Most people seemed to be in the same position as I am. The assignment was just about done and we are going to submit it and see what happens. There was a general feeling of confusion though. People were generally unsure what was expected of them, especially with regard to the 1000 word allowance for extracts from the Professional Learning Log. Different tutors have had more or less impact which makes the whole process uneven. I would have loved to be able to submit it for a quick idea of whether it was on the right lines or not but was told by my tutor that they weren’t taking in drafts for this one. It does leave you scrabbling around in the dark a bit.

There was also some discussion about the assignment for next year as well. That will be a single assignment covering a whole school initiative that we need to undertake. I like the way that it builds up from an individual task to working with a colleague and then with the whole school. It seems strange thinking about Module 2 when I’m not at all sure whether or not I will pass Module 1.

I was amused to receive an email from our Network leader giving the link to this blog. I don’t know how someone came across it.

Wicked Witch goes viral???????


One thought on “Year one nearly completed

  1. Jan Pringle

    Well done on being almost there for the first year! Have to agree that I’ve learned a lot from my first year, but the requirements for the assessed things have not been very clear. Perhaps it’s a drawback of being in the first cohort.

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