Outstanding……..or not?

I had a very surprising conversation with my head yesterday that stunned me completely. It was my performance management session and he was congratulating me on being an outstanding teacher. We are on Ofsted alert as well and he said he would certainly try to point them in my direction. I argued this as I always do. I do not think that I am an outstanding teacher. I read lesson plans and activites designed by other teachers and I think that they exceed what I do by miles. I’m not desperately creative although I have the odd spark of inspiration and I don’t differentiate work anywhere near as much as I should.

However he was ready for this argument (we’ve had it before) and produced some figures. Apparently my children make more progress in English and Maths than any other teacher in the school and have done for the past 4 years. He had exact figures for reading, writing and maths to prove it.

I know that my results are good but as I work in an outstanding school, I always assumed that so were most other people’s so this took me completely by surprise.

It makes me wonder as well. I am probably a fairly traditional class teacher and like things to be safe and orderly so I don’t experiment too much. I don'[t think that I do outstanding lessons but I do think that I am a good teacher and that it is possible to be a good teacher from week to week.

Maybe there is more than one way to be outstanding . Lessons with bells and whistles and excitement for the children tick all the boxes for Ofsted but if my path of trying to do what I can as well as possible generates good results then maybe that’s a different route.

After nearly 20 years in this job, I think I am finally beginning to feel that what I am doing is right. Not to the extent that I am going to shut my mind to anyone else’s ideas because I’ve always been interested in moving forward but maybe feeling a bit more confident in myself.

Life obviously begins at 50!


4 thoughts on “Outstanding……..or not?

  1. Nicki

    I was feeling the same about life beginning at 40! Well done you on being outstanding and you obviously are. It is knowing the children, working with them, doing the best for them that makes you truly outstanding. A huge big well done!

  2. Louiw

    How enlightening for you to be told!!! Well done! All singing and dancing lessons are fine but surely chn need consistently good teaching? Great observation!!!

  3. Jan Pringle

    Well done! Reminds me again how important it is to tell people when they’re doing a good job. Will try to remember that this week when I’m back in school.
    Hope you’re right about life beginning at 50 as I’ve got that milestone to come early next year!

  4. duckiec

    Well done WW!! I have similar misgivings about my teaching being too traditional and not being creative enough, but have had similar feedback – so we’re getting it right somewhere and perhaps should follow our own instincts and styles in order to be most effective. (PS I’m 50+!!)

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