Special Needs in Maths

Whether I go with working with my colleague for my next assignment or not, the fact remains that I have a special needs child in my new year 5 class who is really struggling to make any progress.

They are currently assessed as working within level 1 for maths but this has not changed since the end of year 3. I need to put something in place that will enable them to make some progress.

The child was taught by our Senco last year for both English and Maths within small (ish) groups. Progress in English wasn’t too bad but maths is apparently a real problem. The child can count up to 10 and back but has no real concept of what the numbers actually mean. Number stars was used in Year 3 so I don’t really want to use that again (although the child may well not remember the activities).

The Foundation Stage document Numbers and Patterns may be a useful place to start. I know we’ve got it in school but haven’t actually seen it myself.

Obviously the child needs lots of practical activities but I suspect that this has already been done. There is also the problem of how much support the child can have within any given lesson as no other children are working at the same level. We did consider getting the child to work with year 3 for maths but it was decided that this would not be in the child’s best interest as their social skills are quite good and they would be upset at not working with the rest of their class.

The child is a lovely child who always works hard and tries their best. I really want to help them move on if I possibly can.


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