Network meeting 3

The third meeting of our network group led by the LA consultant was as lively as usual with lots of joking and humour as well as lots of work being done and ideas being shared. Apparently we are the only group to have this much fun at our meetings, the other two groups are more serious. Not sure what that says about the 10 of us!

The session was on Representation and continued to stress the need for concrete examples and images to support all children, not just the younger and less able.

There was lots of sharing of ideas and favourite resources being looked at in the light of a quote from Kev Delaney ‘It’s not the resource that’s important, it’s what you do with it that matters’. The message was definitely to show children, don’t just tell.

I think that this is definitely the single most important message I have gained from my course so far. I think that I had really fallen into the trap of using physical resources for the less able and not really thinking about how they could be used to help understand more complex ideas.

As expected, there was also a lot of discussion about the assignment which is now due in 2 weeks time. There seemed to be a wide range of stages that people are at, I am slightly ahead of a lot of people but that’s because I need to have mine sent off by next Saturday!

We were also given details of the school visit that will be done by the LA. This is apparently to judge the current impact of the course on schools rather than assessing our individual progress. It’s still one more thing to worry about though.


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