Assignment part 3

I actually managed to get quite a lot done yesterday. I had felt really depressed about the whole thing on Saturday night as it seemed impossible to find research that had anything to do with what I was talking about. However yesterday things seemed to fit together better. I began to see how I could tie in some of the articles that I had already read. I also managed to find an article about representation being vital in maths which isn’t on the course reading list so hopefully i may get some credit there for independent research.

I managed to get up to about 15oo words out of 2000 but I’m sure that a lot of it is too based on narrative rather than analysis. I decided to send the draft off to my tutor just to check that I was on the right lines as I didn’t want to waste hours on something that was totally off topic.

I was really surprised when I found today that she had replied to me last night. Brilliant service I have to say. She was quite nice about the essay but did agree that it was too narrative based. However she also gave me an idea of how I could change one of the paragraphs so I will see if I can use that for the rest of it. I do feel a lot happier now about the essay and the possiblity that I might be able to write something that will pass.

My main research focuses have been on representation and also the role of talk, especially in problem solving. I have a book on order from Amazon and there is another in the university library which I will hopefully look at on Saturday and then it will just need redrafting to make sense.

All I will have to do then is write 33 reports!


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