MaST Assignment

Now Die Fledermaus is over I really have to get my head around the first assignment for this course. We had a tutorial two weeks ago at the university where we were given details of what was expected of us. The actual assignment doesn’t sound too bad. We have to take a mathematical activity that we have explored at one of our meetings and write a critical reflection of the processes we went through whilst doing the activity. Then we have to use the same activity in the classroom and evaluate the children’s learning, pedagogic strategies used etc.

That doesn’t sound too daunting but the main problem for me and several others at the meeting is the sheer level of research that is involved. We were told several times that it should be a critical analysis of the activity and not a narrative about what we did. We are expected to research ‘widely’ and include our thoughts on this research in the activity. I left the meeting feeling very out of my depth and without any idea of where to start.

Two weeks later I have at least got a starting point as I have decided on which activity I will use and have carried it out with the children. We have investigated Trapezium numbers (like triangular numbers but without the number 1) and from working with the children I have a couple of ideas of areas that I can research.

A lot of the books and journals that we need are available online so we don’t have to physically visit the library. However the online catalogue is not as easy to navigate as they made it appear so I anticipate a lot of time being spent in trying to find suitable material to use.

I have four weeks to complete the assignment. That sounds fine until I remember that I also have to write all my reports and go on a week’s residential. May is going to be a very busy month!


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